who, what, when, where, how

•April 25, 2012 • Leave a Comment

i, along with sheralee kerr and rachel marshall (fellow harding graduates), will be living in santa ana, honduras from june 19th until mid-december 2012. santa ana is a community outside of the capital, tegucigalpa. we are renting a small house from marc tindall. he is from the u.s. but has lived in honduras for many years doing all he can for god’s kingdom. he and his wife started and live at casa de esperanza which is an orphanage in which 20+ children live. he also organizes mission teams throughout the year to come and build homes, schools, churches, clinics, etc. on wednesdays, he goes to the dump in tegucigalpa and feeds the people there, teaching them about god’s salvation. i will be blessed with the opportunity to help in all of these areas during my time in honduras. our trip requires an estimated $4,000 for each of us. this cost includes our airfare, food, transportation, immunizations, rent, international cell phone, and evacuation insurance for the entire 6 months. at this point, we have sold honduran coffee and have held 2 bake sales to raise the money. i have also written a letter to send to friends and family asking their support, and i intend to work at my parents’ restaurant from may until june to finish up collecting funds.